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retail employee frustrated using phone

5 Common Problems with Retail Communications and How to Fix Them

Retail, Employee Experience | June 4, 2021

Poor store communications has always been a problem for retailers, but now it's become the elephant in the room.

When communication between retailers...

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3 Ways Luxury Brands Can Make the In-Store Experience Shine in 2021

Operations, Retail | June 1, 2021

Luxury retail has been through a tough time, in 2020 the global market saw a 23% decline when all physical stores were forced shut under lockdown.


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Onboarding a retail employee

Improving Onboarding for Retail Teams: Top Tips

Training & learning, Retail | May 27, 2021

Onboarding sets the tone for someone's journey of employment with your company.

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What is a Digital Workplace? A Guide for Retailers

What is a Digital Workplace? A Guide for Retailers

Retail | May 20, 2021

Over and over again, we’ve seen retailers cram years of digital innovation into just a few months. 

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How to Create a Culture of Learning for Retail Teams

Training & learning, Retail | May 18, 2021

Any credible business strategist understands the importance of company culture in 2021. As young people stream into the workforce they have made it...

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Why a mobile digital workplace empowers retail employees

Why a Mobile Digital Workplace Empowers Retail Employees

Retail, Employee Experience | May 5, 2021

Picture Brendan. He’s 22 and is an employee in a clothing store. He often feels like a fish out of water on the shop floor and spends his shift waiting...

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