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AI powered assistant for frontline workers

AI-Powered Assistants: 5 Ways Generative AI Chatbots Will Transform the Frontline Worker Experience

Employee experience, Operations | February 26, 2024

In an era where efficiency and innovation are at the forefront of business success, empowering frontline employees with the right tools is no longer a...

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Retail Revival 2024: Discount Retailers Take The Lead

Employee experience, Customer experience, Operations, Grocery retail | February 13, 2024

Explore this blog to discover exclusive insights into the strategies transforming the discount retail landscape, courtesy of YOOBIC's ebook, 'The Complete...

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Frontline Employee Experience Best Practices

Successful Approaches to Frontline Employee Experience: Lessons from Industry Leaders

Employee experience | July 18, 2023

This article shares key takeaways from our webinar The New Retail Standard: How Frontline Team Management Must Change to Future-Proof Your Retail...

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Choosing the right Frontline Employee Experience Platforms

12 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Frontline Employee Experience Platforms

Employee experience | July 14, 2023

In recent years, a tide of digitalization has swept across the world.

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Winners of the 2023 Frontline Excellence Awards

Meet the Winners of the 2023 Frontline Excellence Awards

Employee experience, News & Trends | June 13, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscapes of retail and hospitality, where technology continues to shape the way we work, it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate...

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YOOBIC Reviews G2 Spring

YOOBIC Earns 14 G2 Badges for Spring 2023

Employee experience, News & Trends | April 5, 2023

The G2 Spring 2023 results have dropped and YOOBIC is proud to have received 14 badges, reaffirming our position as the #1 leader in the Frontline...

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