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6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Workplace Alternative

May 24, 2024 2:30:20 PM

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For a lot of teams, Workplace was the best part of their day, making internal communication and collaboration more intuitive, connected, and impactful. 

With Meta's recent announcement to sunset its Workplace platform, organizations across industries are facing a daunting challenge: finding a suitable Workplace alternative that can seamlessly transition their teams without disrupting workflows, compromising on features, or leaving employees feeling disconnected. It's a task that demands strategic thinking, careful consideration, and a deep understanding of your workforce's unique needs.

For more detailed information on Meta’s decision and its impact, check out our blog post, “Meta is Closing Workplace: All your Questions Answered.”

As a leader, you recognize the urgency of the situation to secure your organization's long-term success and resilience. Here are 6 key considerations to keep in mind when evaluation a Workplace alternative:


1. Is the platform designed for your WHOLE organization? 

For any organization to thrive, it's essential to have a Workplace alternative that caters to the needs of the entire workforce, from the frontline to the back office. When assessing potential solutions, look for one that offers a holistic approach, bridging the gap between headquarters and the field. 

The ideal platform should provide a centralized hub where every employee can access the information, tools, and support they need to succeed. With a strong emphasis on mobile functionality, the platform should ensure that your staff can stay connected and productive, regardless of their location or role. 

From streamlining communication and collaboration to simplifying task management and providing real-time insights -  the right solution empowers your entire organization to work smarter, not harder, driving better outcomes for your business as whole 


2. Does it offer a unified experience? 

When evaluating a Workplace alternative , it's crucial to prioritize a solution that offers a unified and streamlined experience. Juggling multiple tools and constantly switching between different apps can be a significant drain on productivity, leading to wasted time, increased frustration, and a disconnected workforce. 

Seek out a platform that seamlessly brings together all the essential functions your team needs to thrive - from intuitive communication channels and collaborative workspaces to robust learning resources and efficient task management features - all within one cohesive, user-friendly interface. 

By consolidating these core capabilities into a single, integrated system, you can empower your employees to work more efficiently, stay aligned with organizational goals, and focus on delivering exceptional results, rather than navigating a fragmented digital landscape. When your team has access to a unified platform that supports their daily workflows and fosters seamless collaboration, they can spend less time searching for information and more time driving meaningful outcomes for your business.


3. Is it user-friendly and engaging? 

When it comes to ensuring the successful implementation and long-term viability of any new technology within your organization, user adoption is absolutely critical. To achieve widespread acceptance and enthusiasm among your employees,  choose a Workplace alternative that is not only intuitive and user-friendly but also visually appealing and engaging. 

Look for a platform that incorporates elements of gamification, such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards, which can help to keep users motivated, excited, and actively participating in the system. By prioritizing these key factors in your selection process, you'll be setting your team up for success and paving the way for a smooth transition that maximizes the value of your investment in the new technology.


4. Can it adapt to your workflows? 

When evaluating potential replacements for your current platform, it's crucial to prioritize a a Workplace alternative that can seamlessly adapt to your existing business processes and workflows, rather than forcing you to overhaul your established practices to accommodate the new system. 

Seek out a platform that offers a high degree of flexibility and customization options, allowing you to tailor its features and functionalities to align with your organization's unique requirements, goals, and culture. 

The ideal solution should be able to scale and evolve alongside your business as it grows and changes over time, ensuring that it can continue to meet your needs and support your success in the long run, without requiring significant disruption or costly modifications down the line.


5. What does the implementation process look like?

When navigating the complex process of transitioning to a new platform, it's crucial to find a vendor that understands the intricacies involved and is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

A partner that offers a thoughtful, staged approach to implementation, allows you to gradually introduce new features and functionalities at a pace that aligns with your organization's unique needs and capabilities. This measured approach ensures that your team has ample time to adapt to the changes, minimizing disruption and maximizing user adoption.

The ideal vendor should provide dedicated support throughout the entire implementation process, from initial planning and configuration to ongoing training and troubleshooting. This unwavering commitment to your success demonstrates that the vendor is not merely interested in making a sale but is genuinely invested in helping you achieve your goals and drive long-term value from the platform.

By partnering with a vendor that prioritizes a smooth, well-supported rollout, you can minimize the challenges associated with transitioning to a new platform and set your organization up for lasting success.


6. Is the vendor a strategic partner? 

Building a strong, enduring partnership with your vendor is crucial for the long-term success of your organization. Rather than viewing this as a mere transactional relationship, it's essential to seek out a vendor who is deeply invested in your success and committed to working collaboratively with you to achieve your goals. Look for a partner who not only provides a robust, feature-rich platform but also demonstrates a genuine understanding of your unique challenges and aspirations. 

The ideal vendor should be proactive in their approach, continually innovating and evolving their offering to stay ahead of the curve and meet your changing needs. They should be responsive to your feedback, open to suggestions, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their solution aligns perfectly with your business objectives. 

By fostering a strong, mutually beneficial relationship built on trust, transparency, and shared vision, you can unlock the full potential of your investment and drive sustained growth and success for your organization.


Choose a partner that can scale & grow with your business needs

By prioritizing key factors — such as holistic design, unified experience, user-friendliness, adaptability to workflows, thoughtful implementation, and building a strategic partnership with a vendor, you can set your organization up for long-term success.

Julien Codorniou, former VP of Workplace, recommended the YOOBIC platform as a worthy replacement, and we're honored by his confidence.

Empowering frontline teams with modern, intuitive communication and collaboration tools is our mission and what our platform was purpose-built to do.

As you navigate the transition from Workplace to a new platform, remember to focus on the needs of your entire workforce and select a Workplace alternative that can scale and grow with your business needs.

Reach out to YOOBIC today to learn more about how we can support your transition and empower your organization to  propel  into an even brighter future.

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