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Why Retailers Need to Align Sales and Operational Data

Operations, Retail | July 9, 2021

The pandemic forced retailers to cut down, strip back and spend less, but the one thing they have in abundance is access to huge realms of data.

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How Retailers Can Use Automation to Transform Store Performance

How Retailers Can Use Automation to Transform Store Performance

Operations, Retail | July 1, 2021

In our latest webinar, we sat down with our Head of Solution Engineering, Hadrien Beacco and Jacobo Rey, Senior Retail Expert at our partner RetailNext...

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5 Big Problems with Retail Store Operations in 2021

Operations, Retail | June 17, 2021

Retailers have had a lot to celebrate recently. Foot traffic is up 200%, consumer confidence is at a 14 month high and sales are up 90% in April 2021...

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3 Ways Luxury Brands Can Make the In-Store Experience Shine in 2021

Operations, Retail | June 1, 2021

Luxury retail has been through a tough time, in 2020 the global market saw a 23% decline when all physical stores were forced shut under lockdown.


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Why Frontline Employees Need Task Management and Training in One Place

Operations, Training & learning | May 25, 2021

Frontline employees have kept their industries afloat for over a year now, but their workplace tech (or lack thereof) is far from seaworthy. 

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The Complete Guide to Retail Task Management

Operations, Retail | April 29, 2021

Retail runs on tasks, and task management is how retail teams manage the tasks that contribute to the upkeep of a successful store. This post will...

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