Meet the Winners of the 2024 Frontline Excellence Awards

Jun 13, 2024 2:05:16 PM

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At the heart of every successful retail and hospitality business are the frontline leaders and teams who deliver outstanding customer experiences daily.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 Frontline Excellence Awards, hosted by YOOBIC, the all-in-one frontline employee experience platform.

The Frontline Excellence Awards is our annual celebration of these remarkable individuals and teams within our customer community who drive excellence through exceptional strategy, teamwork, and dedication.

This prestigious event shines a spotlight on retail and hospitality professionals who have harnessed the full potential of the YOOBIC platform to enhance operations, drive productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


A Global Celebration of Frontline Innovation and Agility 

This year, the awards span 10 prestigious categories, honoring those who set new standards in frontline innovation and employee engagement. 

Businesses from across the globe, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa, participated in the awards, showing that innovation truly spans every corner of the world.

"These awards are more than just a celebration; they're a reflection of the heart and soul of your businesses,” said Fabrice Haiat, CEO & Co-Founder of YOOBIC. “Frontline employees are the unsung heroes who create those unforgettable moments for your customers every single day. Their commitment to excellence, even in the face of challenges, is what truly sets your organizations apart.”

The Frontline Excellence Awards not only recognize outstanding achievements but also provide a platform for industry recognition, boosting motivation and pride among frontline teams. Winners gain the opportunity to connect with a network of industry visionaries and leaders, further enhancing their impact and influence.

Businesses from across the globe, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa, participated in these prestigious awards. This wide range of contenders shows that innovation truly spans every corner of the world.

“I want to thank all of our incredible customers who have shared their stories for the Frontline Excellence Awards," Haiat said. "Each submission is a testament to the extraordinary dedication, resilience, and passion of your frontline teams." 


Our Distinguished Jury of Industry Experts

The 2024 Frontline Excellence Awards were judged by an esteemed panel of retail and hospitality experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. This year's jury includes:

  • Ron Thurston: Bestselling author of "Retail Pride," Global Top 100 Retail Influencer, Co-Founder of OSSY, and host of the FRONTLINE FRIDAYS Podcast

  • Gyongyver Menesi-Bondar: Fuels & Convenience Retail Expert, Managing Director at GROUPGen, and Senior Advisor at Oliver Wyman; former Executive at Shell

  • Emmanuel Tisseyre: Luxury, Fashion, & Beauty Expert, Co-Founder at Peranakan Partners, and Former Executive at LVMH

  • Dr. Nadia Olivero: Consumer Psychology Professor at the University of Milano Bicocca, Managing Director of KNOWHY Research Innovation, and Senior Advisor at McKinsey

  • Jennifer Robaud-Smith: Chief Customer Officer at YOOBIC

  • Philip Farrell: Retail & Hospitality Expert, VP of Strategic Accounts at Dayforce

Our jury faced the challenging task of selecting winners from a pool of highly deserving nominations.

They evaluated each entry based on three main criteria: relevance to the award category, quality and clarity of the nomination, and business impact and KPIs.


Individual Award Winners

The jury named two winners in each award category. For more coverage of the winners and their exceptional contributions, follow YOOBIC on LinkedIn.


YOOBIC Administrator of the Year: Conner Fernandez-Patmore, Digital Operations Associate, Ralph Lauren

Conner Fernandez-Patmore

Conner Fernandez-Patmore, Digital Operations Associate, has been a pivotal force at Ralph Lauren, transforming how the company utilizes YOOBIC to streamline operations and enhance communication. Here’s how Conner has made a significant impact:

  • Effective Training and Onboarding: Conner has hosted numerous training sessions for both store and corporate teams, ensuring everyone can maximize YOOBIC’s potential.

  • Streamlined Communication: He significantly reduced the volume of emails and centralized day-to-day tools, making information easily accessible and preventing important documents from getting lost.

  • Creating Efficient Workflows: Conner developed complex workflows and hubs that simplify operations and create a one-stop-shop for all users, leading to better task compliance and communication clarity.

  • Proactive Management: He introduced posting rules and cadences to avoid information overload, ensuring that stores receive and prioritize the right tasks effectively. Conner’s initiatives have also included a pricing call-out campaign, which allows quick resolution of pricing issues, safeguarding sales and enhancing operational efficiency.

““Conner did much more than "administer" YOOBIC. He made a monumental difference and supported the implementation of the project by really improving operational excellence and communication between the Ralph Lauren corporate teams and the frontline store teams.”

Emmanuel Tisseyre, Juror
Luxury, Fashion, & Beauty Expert; Co-Founder, Peranakan Partners; Former Executive at LVMH


YOOBIC Administrator of the Year: Karina Restelli, Retail Operations Manager, Estée Lauder

Karina Restelli

Karina Restelli has driven the adoption and effective use of YOOBIC across Estée Lauder’s Italian stores, achieving near-perfect completion rates and enhancing operational standards. Here’s how Karina has excelled:

  • High Campaign Completion Rates: Karina has achieved almost 100% completion rates on her YOOBIC campaigns, demonstrating her effectiveness in driving team engagement and compliance.

  • Proactive Problem-Solving: She is proactive in finding solutions for governance, support, and other improvement opportunities, always looking for ways to enhance the platform’s usage.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Karina uses data to drive decisions, ensuring that operational procedures such as stock counts, cycle counts, and monthly safety checks are tracked and completed accurately.

  • Mindful Change Management: She advocates for mindful change management, understanding the full potential of YOOBIC and continuously working to improve its use across the team. Her meticulous execution of new product launch guidelines has set a new standard for compliance and efficiency within the organization.

“Karina exemplifies an exceptional YOOBIC champion, making her truly deserving of the Admin of the Year Award. Karina’s relentless drive from the start powered maximum usage and adoption across stores in Italy, achieving remarkable near-100% completion rates on all missions. Karina's data-driven mindset and thoughtful change management approach unlocked YOOBIC's full potential for the Estée Lauder Italian team. Karina’s passion, resourcefulness, and adherence to best practices delivered transformative results and we’re honored to award her YOOBIC Admin of the Year."

Jean-Charles Lepetit, VP Global Partnerships, YOOBIC


Transformation Leader of the Year: Tiffany Reese, Director, Workload & Communications, Michaels Stores

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Tiffany Reese

Tiffany Reese has been instrumental in the successful implementation and integration of YOOBIC at Michaels Stores, ensuring seamless operations and increased productivity. Here’s how Tiffany led this transformation:

  • Comprehensive Involvement: From the RFP stage through implementation, Tiffany was deeply involved in all business meetings, workshops, and sessions, leveraging her extensive experience to guide the process.

  • Champion of Change: She championed the launch of MIKCheck (powered by YOOBIC), ensuring minimal disruption to daily store operations while introducing new features like hubs and the Learn module.

  • Streamlined Operations: Tiffany ensured all business aspects were integrated, creating a "one-stop shop" for store communications, external systems, and document needs, leading to more streamlined and productive store environments.

  • Impressive Metrics: Under her leadership, Michaels created 13.7k posts with 1.5m views and completed 1.2m missions. This resulted in a 30% improvement in task completion rates, 98% compliance in daily customer readiness walks, and 4,000 hours saved for district managers.

“What would you do if you had an extra 4,000 hours of time on your hands? That’s the challenge currently facing Tiffany, she and her team have fundamentally transformed the way Micheal’s engages with their employees and saves thousands of hours along the way. Leveraging engaging and memorable courses and Hubs, Michaels has seen 1.2M tasks completed, 1k courses completed, 13k posts, and most impressively a 30% improvement in task completion rates. Congratulations, Tiffany!”

Philip Farell, Juror
Retail & Hospitality Expert; VP of Strategic Accounts, Dayforce


Transformation Leader of the Year: Chris Davis, Operations Support Manager, Pret A Manger

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Chris Davis

Chris Davis, Operations Support Manager, has played a key role in transforming Pret A Manger’s operational efficiency and sustainability through YOOBIC. Here’s how Chris made a difference:

  • Diligent Pilot Testing: During the pilot stage, Chris meticulously gathered feedback from shops to refine task setups, ensuring the final rollout was smooth and effective.

  • Effective Training: He delivered clear and straightforward training to shop teams, making it easy for them to understand and implement new processes.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Chris actively engaged key business stakeholders, highlighting YOOBIC’s benefits and delivering comprehensive briefings to ensure organizational buy-in.

  • Operational and Environmental Impact: His efforts led to an 11% reduction in non-value-added tasks, significant savings in paper costs by eliminating the need to print 900k pieces of paper annually, and the ability to update tasks in real-time. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also supported Pret’s sustainability goals.

  • Global Adoption: Chris’s leadership ensured YOOBIC was adopted across all shops in the UK, US, and HK, driving operational excellence and improved compliance reporting.

“Chris's work in implementing and expanding the use of YOOBIC at Pret A Manger is truly exemplary of frontline excellence. His diligence in gathering learnings, providing training, and engaging stakeholders paved the way for a seamless rollout across hundreds of shops. Chris's innovations, like moving audits and reviews into YOOBIC, have dramatically increased visibility into compliance while saving countless hours of manual work. 

His commitment to continuous improvement shines through in the impressive results — like saving 72 trees last year by dramatically reducing the need for printing! Chris is clearly a role model in using technology to drive operational efficiency while making processes simpler for frontline teams.”

Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer, YOOBIC


Frontline Excellence Advocate of the Year: Anaelle A Fahy, Retail Operations Specialist, Rituals

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Anaelle A Fahy

Anaelle A Fahy has been a driving force in elevating operational standards and enhancing both employee and customer experiences at Rituals in the UK and Ireland. Here’s how Anaelle has made a significant impact:

  • Champion of YOOBIC: From the beginning, Anaelle led the implementation and adoption of YOOBIC, ensuring seamless integration across teams. Her strategic insight and meticulous planning were key to maximizing the platform’s potential.

  • Empowering Frontline Teams: Anaelle’s proactive communication strategies have equipped frontline teams with the knowledge and resources they need to excel. She designed extensive training sessions and provided personalized support to ensure all team members were comfortable with the new platform.

  • Operational and Employee Excellence: Her efforts led to significant improvements in engagement and operational efficiency. Under her leadership, the UK and Ireland regions achieved  exceptional engagement rate across all YOOBIC channels, with a record sentiment score to date.

  • Supporting Expansion: Anaelle skillfully managed the complexities of opening new store locations and expanding operations, using a content calendar to coordinate activities across teams and prevent information overload.

  • Building Community: Anaelle created vibrant Communities within YOOBIC for interaction and knowledge-sharing, which outperformed those of other markets in engagement and collaboration.

“It is with enormous satisfaction that I applaud Anaelle's award of the Frontline Excellence Advocate of the Year.  Anaelle is an incredible example of professional commitment showing that achieving operational excellence, maximum front-line engagement and outstanding business results is truly possible! Thanks to Anaelle for making the most of YOOBIC.. and the best is yet to come!”

Dr. Nadia Olivero, Juror
Consumer Psychology Professor, University of Milano Bicocca; Managing Director, KNOWHY Research Innovation; Senior Advisor, McKinsey


Frontline Excellence Advocate of the Year: Kelly MacDonell, Director, Learning & Development, Store Operations, SPARC Group

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Kelly MacDonell

Kelly MacDonell has transformed employee development and engagement across SPARC Group’s seven brands through her leadership and dedication. Here’s how Kelly has made a remarkable difference:

  • SPARC Development Program: Kelly launched the SPARC Development program on YOOBIC, challenging high-potential managers to become the next District Sales Managers. Her efforts brought together a diverse group of managers, fostering a sense of community and collaboration across brands.

  • High Engagement Initiatives: She created motivational posts and interactive challenges, which led to high engagement rates and a 100% audience share on many posts. Her initiatives ensured that all communication remained within the YOOBIC community, eliminating the need for follow-up emails.

  • Career Advancement: The SPARC Development program has already seen tangible results, with three candidates being promoted since its launch. Kelly’s ability to inspire and motivate her team played a crucial role in their success.

  • Consistent Interaction: Kelly’s consistent posting and interaction with the teams have set a high standard for engagement and support, making her a role model within the organization.

“Congratulations to Kelly for winning the Frontline Excellence Advocate of the Year Award and for successfully leading the SPARC Development program. "Leading a team of high-potential managers across global brands spanning all time zones is no easy feat, and yet Kelly makes it look easy! Kelly's unquestionable talent allowed her to act on an opportunity and drive transformation across her frontline teams.”

Dr. Nadia Olivero, Juror
Consumer Psychology Professor, University of Milano Bicocca; Managing Director, KNOWHY Research Innovation; Senior Advisor, McKinsey


District Leader of the Year: Adeline Lotfi, Regional Manager, Du Pareil Au Même (DPAM)

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Adeline Lotfi

Adeline Lotfi has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the Regional Director at Du Pareil Au Même (DPAM), driving substantial improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here’s how Adeline has made a significant impact:

  • Standardization and Efficiency: Adeline spearheaded the adoption of YOOBIC, standardizing processes across her store network. This included real-time annotations and centralized data management through automatic notifications, which eliminated manual communication and optimized store operations.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Her efforts led to a significant increase in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 77 in 2023 to 82 in 2024, reflecting better customer satisfaction through improved store organization and operational efficiency.

  • Team Development and Compliance: Adeline utilized YOOBIC to enhance team training using checklists and merchandising Missions. This ensured that store visits met high standards for merchandising and cleanliness, contributing to consistent execution across the region.

  • Business Performance: The integration of YOOBIC directly improved key performance indicators (KPIs), with the Average Basket (AB) increasing by 2.5% in under one year. These improvements highlight Adeline’s ability to drive both operational and financial success.

“One of the largest challenges that a Regional Manager overseeing 21 stores faces is ensuring each store is a reflection of the organization as a whole and consumers can expect the same experience no matter which location they shop in. Adeline rose to that challenge and through her expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence she was able to create checklists for sales operations, utilize notifications, and centralized communications. All of this led to an NPS score increase 5 points YoY! Congratulations on your win, Adeline!”

Philip Farell, Juror
Retail & Hospitality Expert; VP of Strategic Accounts, Dayforce


District Leader of the Year: Nathalie Lapraille, Cheffe de Région, Sergent Major

Nathalie Lapraille

Nathalie Lapraille has excelled as the Cheffe de Région at Sergent Major, effectively leveraging YOOBIC to streamline operations and enhance team performance across her 21 points of sale (POS). Here’s how Nathalie has driven excellence:

  • Streamlined Processes: Nathalie’s use of YOOBIC has transformed previously paper-based reports into efficient digital processes. This includes visual merchandising, store visits, monthly reports, and new collection training, saving significant administrative time and allowing for better focus on team coaching and development.

  • Quick Implementation: Under her leadership, the time required to implement new collections has been reduced from 12 days to just 3 days - a 75% reduction! YOOBIC’s monitoring capabilities with visual corrections have ensured consistency in brand representation across all shops, positively impacting the customer experience.

  • High Engagement and Compliance: Nathalie’s region boasts a 100% weekly active user (WAU) rate, 100% completion rate for tasks, and a 97% compliance rate, showcasing her effective use of the platform to maintain high standards.

  • Business Growth: The time saved through YOOBIC has been reinvested into coaching sales teams, resulting in better client interactions and brand positioning. These efforts have led to an increase in the average basket size by 3.6%, demonstrating Nathalie’s impact on sales growth and team performance.

“Nathalie is the epitome of a distinguished Head of Region! Nathalie's masterful leveraging of YOOBIC across her 21 stores at Sergent Major has yielded astounding results - 100% weekly active usage, 100% mission completion rate, and 97% compliance - showcasing unparalleled dedication to operational excellence. Congratulations Nathalie, you are the best of the best!”

Jean-Charles Lepetit, VP Global Partnerships, YOOBIC


Frontline Hero of the Year: Josiane Couture, Representative-Merchandiser, RDTS

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Josiane Couture

Josiane Couture has been a dedicated and exceptional Representative-Merchandiser at RDTS, continuously improving store operations and customer experiences. Here’s how Josiane stands out as a Frontline Hero:

  • Dedication to Excellence: With over five years at RDTS, Josiane has shown unwavering commitment to her work, using YOOBIC’s Documents and Communities features to support and enhance her campaigns.

  • Standardizing Operations: She played a crucial role in standardizing planograms across various stores, ensuring consistency and adherence to brand standards while adapting to individual store needs.

  • Effective Communication: By creating a community within YOOBIC, Josiane improved team communication, allowing for the sharing of best practices and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

  • Campaign Management: Josiane expertly manages multiple campaigns across her territory, utilizing YOOBIC to keep track of priorities and deadlines, ensuring timely and efficient execution.

  • Resourceful and Proactive: She accesses planograms via YOOBIC’s Documents section to tailor merchandising efforts according to store specifics, demonstrating resourcefulness and proactive problem-solving.

“Josiane exemplifies what dedication and creativity can yield with the right resources at her disposal. Her team has completed 2,400 missions with 5,800 photos! Her diligence has led to a streamlined and common brand experience across all locations, ultimately promoting excellence and an engaging customer experience. Josiane, just like the president of RDTS said, everyone could benefit from having a hundred Josianes. Congratulations on the win!”

Philip Farell, Juror
VP of Strategic Accounts at Dayforce


Frontline Hero of the Year: Raymond Petko, Assistant Store Manager, Canada Goose

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Raymond Petko

Raymond Petko has significantly enhanced store performance and team engagement at Canada Goose’s Wynn location through his exemplary use of YOOBIC. Here’s what makes Raymond a frontline hero:

  • Boosting Engagement: Raymond has led by example, actively participating in YOOBIC’s “The Nest” platform through posts, comments, likes, and read receipts, setting a standard for his team and encouraging their involvement.

  • Exceptional Performance Metrics: Under his leadership, The Wynn store achieved the highest engagement rate in their region, and a 94% learner progress rate. Raymond has also earned multiple badges for his expertise in various areas, including GRM, PK, sustainability, and loss prevention.

  • Task Ownership and Efficiency: Raymond has completed 117 missions to date, demonstrating consistent ownership of tasks and contributing to the store’s overall efficiency and performance.

  • Creating a Collaborative Culture: By fostering a culture of participation and collaboration, Raymond has driven increased engagement and utilization of YOOBIC within The Wynn store, making it a model for other locations.

  • Recognized Leadership: His proactive use of YOOBIC and commitment to improving processes has not only made store operations more efficient but also created a fun and engaging environment for his team.

“Congratulations Raymond! You stand out as a true Frontline Hero, maximizing the power of "The Nest" to uplift team performance, efficiency, and engagement at The Wynn store. 

Raymond's leadership in fostering a collaborative culture has been instrumental in driving The Wynn's remarkable engagement rate — the highest in the region. His dedication is further exemplified by completing 117 missions himself while achieving a 94% learner progress rate. Earning badges across multiple disciplines, 

Raymond personifies utilizing YOOBIC innovatively and enjoyably to achieve operational excellence. His commitment to YOOBIC mastery has truly transformed The Wynn's frontline success."

Jennifer Robaud-Smith, Juror
Chief Customer Officer, YOOBIC


Team Award Winners

The jury named two winners in each award category. For more coverage of the winners and their exceptional contributions, follow YOOBIC on LinkedIn.


Learning Program of the Year: David Jones

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_David Jones

David Jones has truly set the bar high with their outstanding Learning Program, led by the dynamic trio of Charlotte Clague (CX & Training Specialist - Beauty), Olivia Adam (CX Specialist - Fashion), and Amanda Beardmore (CX Specialist - Home, Food & Financial Services)

Their fresh and innovative approach has transformed frontline training into an engaging and accessible experience. Here’s why they stood out:

  • Creative Training Modules: Charlotte, Olivia, and Amanda crafted over 60 engaging, visually appealing courses that frontline teams can access anytime, anywhere, making learning both effective and fun.

  • On-the-Go Learning: By utilizing YOOBIC's mobile app, they brought training directly to employees’ smartphones and tablets, resulting in an impressive 22,000 voluntary course completions and a stellar 4.7-star rating.

  • Empathy and Understanding: Their genuine empathy for frontline challenges ensured that the training programs resonated personally with team members, addressing their specific needs.

  • Boosted Performance: Their efforts have significantly improved skill development and customer service, reflected in a 4-point increase in NPS since the program's launch.

“Charlotte, Olivia, and Amanda leveraged YOOBIC's platform to develop engaging training modules accessible to the frontline teams of this large department store network, significantly improving the employee experience.”

Emmanuel Tisseyre, Juror
Luxury, Fashion, & Beauty Expert; Co-Founder, Peranakan Partners; Former Executive at LVMH


Learning Program of the Year: GameStop

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V3_GameStop

GameStop has made waves with their impressive Learning Program, led by Matthew Goodfriend (Senior Manager, Learning and Development), Vincent Signorelli (Senior Specialist, Content Designer), and Gerrit Goodwin (Content Design Specialist).

Their dedication to modernizing training has brought significant improvements. Here’s what set them apart:

  • Revamped Training Content: Matthew and his team tackled outdated materials head-on, replacing them with interactive, up-to-date content that’s both engaging and relevant to the current workforce.

  • Interactive Learning: Leveraging YOOBIC's platform, they introduced modern, interactive training tools that replaced old PDFs and quizzes, making the learning experience much more dynamic, gamified and effective.

  • Empathy and Relevance: They focused on making training relevant and engaging for today’s employees, addressing specific needs and challenges, which helped stabilize and grow the workforce.

  • Remarkable Outcomes: Their efforts have led to a projected reduction in turnover at key positions, increased engagement with training materials, and improved learning efficiency by up to 75%.

“A huge congratulations to Matthew Goodfriend, Vincent Signorelli, and Gerrit Goodwin from GameStop's Learning & Development team for your outstanding achievement in creating an exceptional Team Learning Program with YOOBIC!

Your transition from outdated ""tribal knowledge"" to a growth mindset approach has set a new standard for training at GameStop. The shift to a modern Learning Management System (LMS) has significantly enhanced the learning experience in your massive field team. This progress is not just about new methods; it’s about boosting your team’s pride and confidence in their roles and in GameStop.

Your dedication and innovative approach are stabilizing and growing your workforce, and here's to more success and continued advancements in learning and development!"

Ron Thurston, Juror
Bestselling author of "Retail Pride;" Global Top 100 Retail Influencer; Co-Founder of OSSY; Host of FRONTLINE FRIDAYS Podcast


Customer Experience Program of the Year: Claudie Pierlot

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot has significantly enhanced their customer experience through a comprehensive program led by Retail Coordinator Juliette Fasquel, which focused on operational excellence and innovative retail practices. Here’s why they shine:

  • Streamlined Operations: Leveraged YOOBIC to monitor and manage their network of boutiques across Europe, enabling quick and seamless information sharing and quality checks.

  • Product Knowledge Missions: Introduced a product focus mission where retail teams practice their sales discourse and create look proposals, making team members more confident and knowledgeable about the collection, thus enhancing customer interactions.

  • Customer Feedback Integration: Implemented a collection feedback survey on YOOBIC, allowing teams to share customer insights directly with design and purchasing teams. This feedback loop led to improved product offerings.

  • Quality Control: Launched faulty item and fitting Missions to report product flaws, which led to improvements in product quality, exemplified by the re-release of a bestselling dress after addressing a zipper flaw.

  • Increased Employee Engagement: Achieved a 16-point increase in weekly active user rates, demonstrating strong adoption and usage of the platform by retail teams, which has improved overall customer service standards.

“Congratulations to Claudie Pierlot's incredible team for successfully implementing transformative innovations through a strategic plan that drove rapid adoption of YOOBIC across their sales network. Your vision, innovation and managerial talent have significantly enhanced the customer experience, making you a prime example of how to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. Well done on this winning achievement!"

Dr. Nadia Olivero, Juror
Consumer Psychology Professor, University of Milano Bicocca; Managing Director, KNOWHY Research Innovation; Senior Advisor, McKinsey


Customer Experience Program of the Year: Lagardère Travel Retail, Swiss Team

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Lagadère Travel copy 2

Lagardère Travel Retail’s Swiss Team has excelled in enhancing customer experience by fostering strong employee engagement. Key achievements include:

  • Unified Platform: Implemented YOOBIC to centralize communication and operational processes, making it easier for field teams to access information and execute tasks efficiently.

  • Community Building: Reinforced team spirit and cohesion by highlighting individual team members each week, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among employees.

  • Operational Excellence: The focus on employee engagement and streamlined operations led to their shop being ranked #1 in Europe in Lagardère Travel Retail’s Duty Free Operational Excellence audits, directly benefiting the customer experience.

  • Innovative Solutions: Introduced features like WORK to centralize requests and improve operational excellence, further enhancing the overall customer experience through better-prepared and more engaged staff.

  • High Employee Engagement Rates: Achieved a remarkable 93% active user rate on the YOOBIC newsfeed, with 71% audience share and 24% post engagement rate, indicating strong employee engagement.

“The Swiss team at Lagardère Travel Retail has proven that when you give your local frontline team the right tools, information and training, they'll deliver great customer service and get more engaged. They've shown us that the heart of great customer experience isn't just global strategy, but local execution and employee empowerment. That's why they're taking home the Customer Experience Program of the Year Award this year!" 

Jennifer Robaud-Smith, Juror
Chief Customer Officer, YOOBIC


Project Launch of the Year: AMI Paris

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_AMI Paris

AMI Paris has excelled in launching their global platform implementation, achieving remarkable operational improvements and team cohesion. Key highlights include:

  • Global Implementation: Successfully implemented YOOBIC across 65 stores and 4 offices, standardizing operations worldwide.

  • Operational Excellence: Automated daily reporting and integrated real-time data from ERP and passage counters, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Innovative Solutions: Launched a customer service campaign that enables barcode scanning to limit errors, streamlining the process and enhancing quality control.

  • Employee Empowerment: Focused on making life easier for boutique teams, allowing them to spend more time on sales and training, thereby improving customer interactions.

“AMI's senior management implemented YOOBIC with a real 360° approach! Integrating the entire team with clear goals of productivity, improvement and operational excellence, facilitating access to information and increased interactivity for the entire AMI team!”

Emmanuel Tisseyre, Juror
Luxury, Fashion, & Beauty Expert; Co-Founder, Peranakan Partners; Former Executive at LVMH


Project Launch of the Year: Mattress Firm

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm's launch of "Mission Control" has transformed their operational and communication processes across over 2300 stores and 60 distribution centers. Notable achievements include:

  • Comprehensive Rollout: Engaged field and DC teams to identify pain points and build a customized platform, resulting in a tailored solution that addresses specific needs.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Conducted contests and feedback sessions to ensure team buy-in, leading to higher user adoption and engagement rates.

  • Operational Efficiency: Centralized all action-based engagement through Mission Control (YOOBIC), significantly reducing email traffic and improving task management.

  • Audit Improvement: Implemented a consistent audit tool for safety and compliance, resulting in a 700 basis point increase in audit scores over two quarters.

"Congratulations, Mattress Firm, on your extraordinary Team Project Launch of Mission Control (YOOBIC)! Your innovation, collaboration, and dedication have truly paid off! What's most impressive is that just a year ago, you launched Mission Control across 2,300+ stores and 60+ Distribution Centers. By engaging field and DC teams, you initiated a naming contest and feedback sessions and secured executive support, building a solid foundation.

Your partnership with YOOBIC to create custom modules, like ""Mail Merge,"" showcased your commitment and led to exceptional user activity and adoption rates. As you celebrate Mission Control's one-year anniversary, your continuous engagement and proactive improvements keep you at the forefront of operational excellence.

Congratulations again on this well-deserved award. Your work sets a high bar for future initiatives. Here's to continued success and innovation!"

Ron Thurston, Juror
Bestselling author of "Retail Pride;" Global Top 100 Retail Influencer; Co-Founder of OSSY; Host of FRONTLINE FRIDAYS Podcast


Employee Experience Program of the Year: Grand Fitness

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Grand Fitness

Grand Fitness has made a big impact on their employee experience with a fresh and innovative approach led by their outstanding team. Here’s how they did it:

  • Centralized Communication: They’ve used YOOBIC to streamline all communication channels, making sure everyone gets the right information at the right time.

  • Streamlined Onboarding: Their effective onboarding program through YOOBIC ensures new hires feel welcomed and ready to hit the ground running from day one.

  • Continuous Training and Support: With YOOBIC, they’ve provided ongoing training and support, which has boosted performance and job satisfaction.

  • High Engagement: They’ve seen a big jump in engagement scores, showing a stronger sense of community and belonging among employees.

“Grand Fitness has truly transformed the employee experience through their innovative New Team Member Learning Path. By delivering streamlined, microlearning courses tailored to frontline roles, they have empowered new hires with essential skills from day one. The engaging, self-paced program has driven outstanding results — increasing membership conversions, boosting premium membership upgrades, reducing cancellations, and improving delinquent payment collections. 

Most impressively, this exemplary onboarding experience has decreased frontline turnover by over 10% in just 6 months, a testament to creating a positive, rewarding environment for employees!”

Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer, YOOBIC


Employee Experience Program of the Year: Levi's Global DTC Communications Team

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Levis

Levi's Global DTC Communications Team has transformed the Levi’s employee experience with their strategic communication and engagement efforts. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Consistent Global Communication: They’ve crafted a communication strategy that blends global and local news, keeping everyone in the loop and engaged.

  • Diverse Content Formats: From podcasts and marketing ads to videos and Fit Parties, they’ve used a variety of formats to keep things interesting and engaging.

  • Employee Feedback and Participation: They’ve made it easy for employees to share their thoughts and be part of the conversation, conducting yearly satisfaction surveys and gathering input on product stories.

  • Impressive Employee Engagement Metrics: With 79% of their users actively engaged globally, their strategy has clearly paid off in creating a connected and motivated workforce.

"I am thrilled to congratulate all of you on the Levi's Global DTC Communications Team on receiving this prestigious award! Your dedication and hard work in implementing the incredible Team Employee Experience Program with YOOBIC have paid off.

When I think about exemplary employee experience programs, I envision initiatives encompassing ALL employees rather than a select few. You have embodied this vision perfectly by creating a platform for the entire DTC team to communicate globally, centralize tasks, and streamline communication. This remarkable undertaking has made operations more efficient and instilled a deep sense of pride in your team's work and in Levi's as a brand.

The impressive outcome of your efforts is demonstrated by your 79% active user base globally out of 17,400 users. This level of engagement speaks volumes about your program's positive impact on employee satisfaction and the overall customer experience. Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved recognition."

Ron Thurston, Juror
Bestselling author of "Retail Pride;" Global Top 100 Retail Influencer; Co-Founder of OSSY; Host of FRONTLINE FRIDAYS Podcast


Operational Excellence Program of the Year: BurgerFi Learning & Development Team

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_BurgerFi

BurgerFi’s Learning & Development Team has transformed operational training and processes to ensure consistency and high standards across all locations. Here’s how they achieved operational excellence:

  • Team Building and Support: The team fostered a supportive environment through team-building activities and open communication, even managing high-volume periods with remarkable resilience.

  • Comprehensive Training Initiatives: They launched 28 new courses and created 30 training videos on YOOBIC, significantly expanding their training resources and enhancing team members' skills and knowledge.

  • Health and Safety Focus: Implemented detailed health and safety checklists, leveraging YOOBIC to ensure compliance and maintain a safe environment for guests and team members.

  • Process Improvements: Improved procedures for fresh cut French fries and integrated new menu items like fresh raw chicken wings through targeted training, resulting in better consistency and quality in food preparation.

"BurgerFi's Training Team epitomizes operational excellence! The team's expertise in using YOOBIC for validation of menu layouts, health and safety protocols, and enhanced processes has consistently upheld brand standards. Their innovative meal preparation training via customized YOOBIC courses showcased adaptability in meeting new operational challenges. With a culture of collaboration, BurgerFi's Training Team has raised the bar for operational excellence in the hospitality industry.”

Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer, YOOBIC


Operational Excellence Program of the Year: Gruppo Teddy S.p.a. Operations Team

[2024 template] Banner_Winner_Frontline_Excellence_Awards_2024_V2_Gruppo Teddy S.p.a

Gruppo Teddy S.p.a. Operations Team has successfully optimized their operations across numerous locations, driving efficiency and engagement through strategic use of YOOBIC. Key highlights include:

  • High Adoption and Completion Rates: Achieved over 90% user adoption and maintained an 80% mission completion rate, showing strong engagement and effectiveness of the platform in daily operations.

  • Efficient KPI Improvement: Leveraged YOOBIC’s WORK module to correlate operational activities with business outcomes, enabling swift actions to improve KPIs and enhance overall performance.

  • Cost Savings and Compliance: Introduced legally required courses via YOOBIC, greatly reducing training costs and ensuring all employees across Italy are compliant with regulations.

  • Enhanced Store Management: Streamlined visual merchandising and store visit missions, facilitating detailed analysis and prompt corrective actions, improving store performance and staff engagement.

"Gruppo Teddy exemplifies how embracing digital tools can transform retail. By leveraging YOOBIC to correlate operational data with business KPIs, they've enabled swift, targeted improvements across their global stores. Their digitalization of training into accessible modules hasn't just cut costs; it's empowered their worldwide team. With near perfect user adoption, Gruppo Teddy has created a data-driven, digitally-savvy culture that's setting new standards for operational excellence in retail!"

Jennifer Robaud-Smith, Juror
Chief Customer Officer, YOOBIC


Frontline Excellence in Every Corner of the World

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2024 Frontline Excellence Awards! 

And our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to submit your nominations — and celebrate! — frontline excellence. Your dedication and innovation are setting new standards in our quickly evolving industries. We look forward to seeing the continued impact of your outstanding work.

For more coverage of the winners and their exceptional contributions, follow YOOBIC on LinkedIn.

Here’s to another year of groundbreaking achievements and digital transformation on the frontline!