YOOBIC is an LPI Top 15 Learning Technologies Provider!

YOOBIC is an LPI Top 15 Learning Technologies Provider!

Training & learning | November 12, 2020

Here at YOOBIC, our mission is to transform the way frontline employees train and learn. 

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5 Retail Training Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond

Training & learning | November 11, 2020

When a crisis strikes, a retailer’s learning and development budget is usually the first expense to be slashed - but it shouldn’t be.

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Who are deskless workers?

Who Are Frontline Employees, and Why Do They Need a Digital Workplace?

Deskless workers | November 10, 2020

Frontline employees make up the vast majority of the workforce globally. In this brief guide we'll cover frontline employees - who they are, how their...

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How to Manage Store Operations Remotely

Operations, Retail | November 5, 2020

Managing frontline store teams in person has always been the default way of managing retail operations. Or at least, it was.

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What is the Role of the Store in Omnichannel Retail During COVID-19?

Customer experience | November 4, 2020

A good omnichannel strategy in retail is a lot like baking chocolate chip cookies.

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Why You Should Invest in Driving Frontline Employee Engagement in 2020

Employee Experience | October 29, 2020

Employee engagement is one of the retail and hospitality industries’ favorite buzzwords. And yet, unengaged frontline employees continue to cost $7...

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