YOOBIC Winter 2024 product updates

YOOBIC Winter 2024 product updates: AI innovations, learning paths and flexible collaboration

29 January 2024

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YOOBIC is ushering in 2024 with highly anticipated product updates. Key highlights of our Winter 2024 Release include:

  • Innovative AI capabilities with the public launch of NEO Assistant
  • Learning Paths that facilitate structured micro-learning, right in the flow of work
  • Significant enhancements to the Chat function
  • More flexible tasking via Quick Tasks for managers

YOOBIC is dedicated to improving the lives of frontline workers by creating a better everyday working experience. Our product development is guided by intelligence and insights from user feedback, reviews, market research, analyst insights, and tech innovations to build a product that can drive business change.

Without further ado, here are the highlights from our latest release.


AI, everywhere

AI advanced at a truly astounding pace during 2023 — and in the year ahead, the game-changing tech is set to become even more pervasive. For retailers, this should be a good thing; from the automation of manual, time-consuming tasks to empowering human workers to be more innovative — and much, much more in between — AI holds huge promise when it comes to elevating store operations.

As the need for digital transformation intensifies, YOOBIC has stepped up, launching YOOBIC NEO, a suite of AI tools that will redefine how organizations engage, train, and communicate with their frontline teams.

NEO made its official entrance at NRF earlier this month with incredible buzz. Watch this short video to get a quick look at what NEO can do.



NEO Assistant: A personal pocket assistant for frontline employees

When your frontline employees have questions, NEO Assistant is in their pockets, ready to provide instant answers.

NEO Assistant is a conversational chatbot that uses generative AI to offer a real-time, self-serve alternative to traditional support lines. Whether they need guidance on store procedures, help with client claims or any other query, employees can simply ask NEO Assistant.

NEO Assistant will search your documentation to find answers and give a quick, accurate response in simple language. It will also provide a reference link to the relevant sources in case more in-depth reading is desired.

YOOBIC NEO Assistant screenshot

Plus, every interaction with NEO Assistant fuels its AI-driven insights, helping to inform strategic decisions at headquarters and improve resource allocation. 

YOOBIC NEO early adopters witnessed up to a 30% reduction in support line queries and up to 15% gains in resource allocation.

Chat 2.0: An supremely enhanced experience

Streamlining communication is one of YOOBIC’s core pillars. We help organizations build a sense of community and connection at every level.

We’ve taken into account customer feedback and looked to well-known messaging apps to develop a new Chat experience that is faster and more reliable.

YOOBIC Chat 2.0 screenshotFor Chat 2.0, we’ve made countless improvements to user experience, adding emoji reactions, making it easier to create and edit groups and improving in-chat search — just to name a few!

We’ve also launched a new dashboard for Chat, giving you access to in-depth chat analytics for measuring and understanding the impact Chat has on your business.

With this new data, you can track KPIs like active chat users, messages sent, and new chats created. 


Learning Paths: Take your frontline teams on a skill-building journey

Give your teams a clear pathway to success and turn every member into a top performer.

YOOBIC’s Learning Paths facilitate structured micro-learning, in the flow of work, to develop individuals’ knowledge and skills.

YOOBIC Learning Paths screenshotA learning path is a sequence of micro-learning courses in a unique object designed to develop the knowledge and skills of a learner or group of learners.

It is divided in sections (chapters) that contain the different sub-courses of your path.

In a guided and structured fashion, it accelerates the onboarding and training steps a learner needs to take. It can be used for event, skill, or role-specific learning tracks.

It can be used to facilitate important initiatives like onboarding, skills management, and career progression paths.

Quick Tasks: Flexible tasking for all

When they have the right tools, empowered managers can enact change and growth within their segment to support your greater business goals.

YOOBIC Quick Tasks screenshotIn this release we’ve launched a new function called Quick Tasks, giving managers the tools they need to drive the performance of their teams.

Admin users are used to creating campaigns with our form builder on the web. Now, Quick Tasks is the simplest way to create and assign new tasks to sites or users with only a few clicks. All users can access it from the web or mobile.

No tasks, no problems. You can publish a Quick Task without a list of tasks and reduce complexity with a simpler tasking flow. 

  1. Empower your managers. Managers can easily create ad hoc tasks and to-do lists, and share actionable information from their mobile device with just a few clicks. Site audits, walk-throughs, and beyond(!) are about to become even more productive.

  2. Define a specific audience. Target the right team members at the right time — by region, by position, or by many other characteristics.

  3. Track and ensure progress. Managers can see that team members have received and read the task instructions, monitor task progress, and take follow-up action. 


Want to learn more about YOOBIC?

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