Frontline Training OpenSesame Partnership

Access 25,000 Courses with the YOOBIC X OpenSesame Partnership

Mar 3, 2023 11:38:19 AM

Training & learning

Since 2022 YOOBIC has teamed up with OpenSesame, the global e-learning innovator, to provide powerful training and development opportunities for frontline teams.Keep reading to learn more about how you can take advantage of this partnership to create a better learning experience for your frontline teams! 


At YOOBIC our number one priority is to provide frontline teams with seamless access to the performance tools they need to succeed — and a big part of that is training. As part of the partnership, YOOBIC’s users can gain direct access to OpenSesame’s full range of training resources, from top content creators in the course library. 

Together we can provide in-the-flow-of-work access to over 25,000 training courses in critical areas like mental health, diversity, harassment, on-the-job safety and leadership. 

It’s really important for frontline teams to have the right content to be successful in their job role. Our clients leverage YOOBIC’s microlearning capabilities to onboard new employees and train teams on sales processes, new products, and standard operating procedures. 

With the right training program, you can give employees the skills and knowledge to serve customers, and operate effectively all while improving employee engagement and driving retention. Our partnership will help you do just that. 

Compulsory training made easier 

Creating a robust training program takes time, resources, and knowledge. With the pressures of the current retail and hospitality climate, teams can often be left under-resourced, and overstretched leaving gaps in their training programs. 

Our partnership with OpenSesame aims to take the pressure off content creators. Teams can get access to a wide range of standardized training on topics like sexual and workplace harassment, cyber security, and diversity and inclusions. By leveraging third-party courses and training, we’re giving content teams time back to focus on creating business-specific training.

Upskill & empower your frontline team

For frontline teams, being successful in their current role is only one piece of the puzzle. Today’s employees are looking to develop their skills outside of their role for personal development and to help them move towards future career aspirations. However, according to a recent survey, 50% of frontline teams are not satisfied with the current opportunities for growth within their company.


Making your team’s career development a priority and offering teams training outside of their role is a great way to engage your team and drive retention. 

With OpenSesame, teams will get access to thousands of courses on coaching, leadership, performance management, personal effectiveness, and process improvement. 

Putting your health & well-being first 

Supporting the mental health and well-being of your frontline team is crucial. Training can help equip your teams with important skills like recognizing when someone needs emotional support or feeling confident in approaching an upset colleague. 

OpenSesame has a wide range of resources on mental health and well-being. The are thousands of courses to help individuals to manage stress, create healthy habits, practice mindfulness, build resilience, and manage work/life balance. 

“YOOBIC is dedicated to using cutting-edge digital innovations to empower frontline teams, and this partnership will enable us to provide important new training and personal development opportunities for these critical workers,” said Fabrice Haiat, CEO at YOOBIC. "Frontline workers want their employers to recognize them, support them, and provide new opportunities for advancement and growth — and by partnering with OpenSesame, we’re bringing the world’s biggest catalog of eLearning content within reach of frontline teams, driving value for their employers and delivering a richer, more engaged, and more fulfilling employee experience.”

YOOBIC is the #1 Frontline Employee Experience Platform (FEXP) and we are on a mission to transform the future of work for retail, restaurants, and hospitality. Our app brings together communication, microlearning, and task management in a fun and unique way to empower employee success, a culture of connection and community, and helps create a center for operational excellence. After all, if you fix your employee experience, you’ll fix your customer experience.

To find out more about our partnership with OpenSesame and how we can help create a robust training program for your frontline employees — why not talk to one of our experts?