YOOBIC's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021

YOOBIC's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021

30 December 2021

News & Trends

The year is almost over! It’s had more turbulence than your average flight (not that we’ve been taking many), but many businesses have managed to weather the storm and we’ve been providing well-researched, insightful content to best support them.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this recap of our top 5 blog posts from 2021!


1. The Complete Guide to Operational Excellence 

This year the industry was rocked by supply chain disruption and labor shortages, so perfecting operations became more critical than ever.

This guide explains exactly what operational excellence means for businesses and the steps they can take to achieve it.

Operational Excellence: The Complete Guide to Success


2. YOOBIC Raises $50 million to Continue Redefining the #futureofwork

In July we hit a milestone as a company when we secured our Series C funding round! 

In this blog, our CEO Fabrice Haiat explains why now was the best time to raise this funding and what it means for our business mission.

YOOBIC Raises $50 million #futureofwork


3. Microlearning Examples: 7 Ideas to Elevate Your Workplace Training

Microlearning is taking the world by storm and is expected to be an industry worth 2.7 billion dollars by 2024. 

This blog outlines 7 examples of how you can use it to take your frontline employee learning to the next level.

Microlearning Examples: 7 Ideas


4. The Complete Guide to Store Communications

After Walmart and Macy’s came under fire when re-opening didn’t go to plan, the importance of effective retail store communications.

This guide walks you through why good communications are critical for store performance, where retailers go wrong and how they can perfect their store communication strategy. 

The Complete Guide to Retail Store Communications


5. Complete Guide to Retail Task Management 

The impact of poor task management is huge. It can lead to poor task management, errors, lack of compliance and worst customer experience.

This blog will highlight common pitfalls, how to avoid them, and best practices for retail task management.

Complete guide retail task management