YOOBIC's Core Values: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 26, 2019 11:26:08 AM

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Things have changed a lot here at YOOBIC over the past year or so.

We’ve had a total branding revamp (look how pretty our website is!), we’ve opened offices in New York and São Paulo, and our team has doubled in size.

With all this change happening, we thought it was about time we sat down and thought about what we stand for as a company.

After a lot of self-reflection, we came up with 5 core values that best encapsulate our identity. And the funny thing is, despite our rapid growth over the past year, the heart of the company is just the same as it always was.

So here they are: YOOBIC’s core values, and the actions we’re taking to live those values each and every day.

#1 People Growth = Company Growth

peoplegrowthAt YOOBIC, growth starts with the individual. We love it when our employees take professional development into their own hands. In return, we’ll back them up 100% by giving them all the tools and resources they need to become an even better version of themselves.

How are we putting this value into action?

  • Constant commitment to learning
  • Taking ownership of our work and ideas
  • Being passionate about what we do

#2 Obsessed with Innovation


We’re proud of our enthusiasm for innovation. What does that mean, exactly? A constant desire to improve our products, encourage new and crazy ideas, strengthen our company culture and push our teams to be the best at what they do.

How are we putting this value into action?

  • Encouraging creative thinking
  • Having the agility to adapt to new challenges
  • Paying attention to detail

#3 Strength from Diversity


We believe a diverse, inclusive and multicultural team breeds fresh and varied ways of looking at the world. It’s all about joining together and learning from each other — how to work, how to solve problems and how to think outside the box.

How are we putting this value into action?

  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Showing empathy
  • Trusting each other

#4 No Ego


We exist to drive our customers’ success. Customer success drives everything we do, and their opinion and feedback is the best way to perfect our products. We share and receive ideas and feedback with no ego, collaborating to make both the company and the individual stronger.

How are we putting this value into action?

  • Transparency in our operations
  • Flexibility
  • Working as a team
  • Listening more than we talk

#5 No Pain, No Gain


The bigger the challenge, the bigger the payoff. We know from experience that hard work has huge rewards and is truly fulfilling. If you’re challenged every day, you’re doing something right.

How are we putting this value into action?

  • Showing grit
  • Consistency in all we do
  • Being positively competitive

Now you know what we stand for, why not join us? We’re always looking for passionate, driven people to become part of the YOOBIC team - check out our current vacancies and get in touch!