3 Ways Brands Can Improve Retail Execution and In-Store Compliance

Operations, Compliance | March 10, 2020

Getting retail execution right is tough for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. For brands, this throws up a unique set of challenges.

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Why Retailers Should Digitize Store Visit Procedures

Customer experience, Operations, Compliance, Store visits & audits | February 28, 2020

Clutching clipboards, filling out checklists and typing up visit reports in the car are all part of another day in the life for area managers doing...

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The Surprising Science Behind Visual Merchandising

Compliance, visual merchandising | February 6, 2020

You’re walking along a busy shopping street when an interesting window display catches your eye. Next thing you know, without even realizing what...

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3 Things Stores Can Offer That Online Can’t This Holiday Season

Customer experience, Compliance | December 19, 2019

As Super Saturday approaches, brick-and-mortar retail is gearing up for one of its busiest days of the year. In the US alone, an estimated 147.8...

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How to Create a Spook-tacular Customer Experience this Halloween

Customer experience, Compliance, Retail news & trends, In-store conversion optimization | October 10, 2019

Jack-o’-lanterns at the ready, folks: the spookiest day of the year is on its way.

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How to Scale Your Gym Network Without Breaking a Sweat

Operations, Compliance, Store visits & audits, Gyms | August 22, 2019

Fitness is now big business. According to the IHRSA, the global health club market is worth a colossal $87.2 billion, with 71.5 million customers in...

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3 Reasons Your Stores Struggle With Compliance

Operations, Compliance, In-store conversion optimization | June 13, 2019

As we all know, the cornerstone of a successful store is a flawless customer experience. And one of the biggest contributing factors to that experience...

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4 Ways to Grow Sales by Helping Poorly Performing Stores Do Better

Operations, Compliance, Store visits & audits, In-store conversion optimization | July 26, 2018

Poorly performing stores are quite the conundrum for retailers these days.

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How Can Grocery Retailers Do More with Less? Here's the Secret Ingredient: Part 2

Operations, Compliance, Grocery Retail | May 17, 2018

This article was originally posted in May 2018, and was updated in July 2019. 

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