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 Restaurant Franchise

The Perfect Recipe for Scaling Your Restaurant Franchise

Training & learning, Restaurants, Employee engagement | December 23, 2021

For any successful franchise owner, the goal is to expand your network. Opening more branches is exciting, but this is where many companies hit a wall....

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Why L&D Professionals Should Measure Business Metrics as well as Learning Metrics

Why L&D Professionals Should Measure Business Metrics AND Learning Metrics

Training & learning, Employee engagement | November 2, 2021

Businesses need to understand the impact of every decision and investment they make. But when it comes to employee learning, there tends to be a...

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People rafting on a river

Why Frontline Employees Need to Learn in the Flow of Work

Training & learning, Employee engagement | June 25, 2021

Imagine a ‘13 going on 30’ or ‘Freaky Friday’ scenario where you wake up and find yourself in the body of a deskless worker. You head to work at a store,...

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restaurant staff training

Restaurant Staff Training: 3 Best Practices for Training Restaurant Staff

Training & learning, Restaurants, Employee engagement | June 21, 2021

Restaurant staff training is crucial for preparing employees for the stressful and often dangerous working environment of a restaurant.

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How to Make Your Microlearning Courses Short & Sweet

Training & learning, Employee engagement | January 29, 2021

Microlearning is the future of frontline employee training - it’s convenient, cost-effective and proven to help people retain information better.

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How to Create A Knowledge Sharing Culture for Frontline Employees

Employee experience, Communications, Employee engagement | November 23, 2020

Knowledge is power. And for frontline employees in industries like manufacturing, logistics, retail and hospitality, knowledge is also connection,...

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