5 Benefits of Managing Store Operations Remotely

16 February 2021


Since early 2020, remote working has become the norm for most of us. But as much as we like to complain about being stuck indoors all day staring at our own four walls, at the very least we’re safe.

For the frontline employees not able to work from home, however, going into work can be dangerous and stressful. They need more support from HQ than ever before - that’s why it’s so important that your remote store operations are managed properly.

Remote store management is all about embracing technology to make operations easier. It involves digitizing field team processes like store visits, opening up communication channels between stores and field teams, and monitoring store performance remotely.

It seems that remote store operations will be around for the foreseeable future, and we think that’s actually pretty great. This new way of working has far more benefits than just health and safety - here are 5 of the most important:

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#1 It makes employees more autonomous

The beauty of remote store management is that it gives your frontline employees the control that they need over their own working day. By digitizing task management and setting clear objectives, you put employees in the driver’s seat, showing them exactly what they need to do and letting them actually do it. They also get more support from field teams by having that immediate contact, so more of their questions get answered faster.

This autonomy gives frontline workers a sense of pride in their work, and employees who take pride in their work naturally do a much better job than those who feel ambivalent.

Remote store management also gives frontline employees a clearer idea of what constitutes good performance, so it’s easier for them to continuously improve.

#2 It gives stores the support they need

It’s safe to say that your frontline staff will be feeling overwhelmed right now, as they try to do their jobs well despite risking their own wellbeing and being subject to the constant stress of keeping a business running in the COVID-19 era. 

You might think that supplementing your operations with remote store management would make your frontline employees feel more alone. But when done right, employees will feel more supported than they ever have.

With a remote communications tool, frontline staff can stay in the loop with company updates wherever they are. And if your remote store management platform also includes a dedicated space where employees can interact and share knowledge, advice and best practices, all the better.

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#3 It makes the entire organization more agile

Managing store operations is extremely difficult in a time of constantly changing rules and guidelines. Businesses now need to be able to pivot extremely quickly, implementing new sets of guidelines - or even entire new operating strategies - sometimes with just a few hours’ notice.

Remote store management allows you to send clear, precise information and instructions to stores that will be received immediately. Then, your frontline employees can take action quickly and efficiently, and important communications aren’t lost in the stress of COVID-19 operations.

Remote store operations also give you greater visibility into what’s happening in stores. In the past, you might have had to wait for a store visit, a phone call or email to find out vital information. This instant feedback allows you to make informed decisions about how to improve, and helps you to measure your stores’ success.

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#4 It reduces costs

As much as we value in-person interaction and hope we can experience it again soon, there is an added financial benefit to remote store operations.

A lot of time, effort and money goes into store visits and audits that don't actually drive performance, such as travel and fuel costs.

Remote store visits, on the other hand, are far more cost-effective. Having your field teams primarily work remotely drastically reduces travel expenses, and at a time when all companies are tightening their belts, the money saved will be vital for use elsewhere.

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#5 It makes field teams more efficient 

Field teams are stretched too thin, rushing from store to store with very little time to actually dedicate to helping frontline employees improve. Area managers spending their afternoon stuck in traffic doesn’t help stores perform better, right?

As well as reducing unnecessary spending, remote store visits help you make the most of your field teams’ valuable time and effort. When they’re not spread way too thin rushing from store to store, they’re able to focus on fixing issues and helping stores do better.

Managing operations remotely also makes the visits that field teams do make more impactful, as they’re able to assess which stores to prioritize, and they know in advance what issues each store is facing.

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