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Come In and Play: How The Entertainer is Thriving After Toys R Us' Untimely Demise

Customer experience, Operations | February 28, 2019

One of the biggest high street shockers of recent years was the closure of Toys R Us, a former giant of toy retail. Was this the end of an era? Well,...

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An Interview With Our CEO: Fabrice Haïat Talks All Things Retail in NYC

Customer experience, Operations, Training & learning | February 19, 2019

Photo from Le Parisien

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What Does 2019 Have in Store for Stores?

Customer experience, Operations, News & trends | January 31, 2019

We interviewed 4 experienced retail executives about the biggest developments of 2018, the toughest challenges ahead, and one technology they think...

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The Hunger Games: Nike Edition

Customer experience, Operations, Retail | October 31, 2018

This week's post is written by Michael Dahanthe CEO of New Legacy - Sports Zone, a lifestyle athletic footwear and apparel chain in Maryland. He has...

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3 In-Store Execution Mistakes That Are Costing Retailers Sales

Customer experience, Operations | September 7, 2018

In football, retail and even going on a diet, strategy without execution is a promise without a result.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Retail Execution Vendor

Customer experience, Operations | July 20, 2018

Deciding on a retail execution strategy, and choosing the right retail execution solution for your store, regional and HQ teams can seem pretty...

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