Nielsen - Most Grocery Trade Promotions Lose Money

05 September 2015


This summer, Nielsen published an alarming study on grocery trade promotions.

Although more is being spent on trade promotions, six-out-of-ten grocery trade promotions lose money for FMCG suppliers, and the situation has been getting worse. Every year an estimated $500 billion is spent on trade promotions globally and 59% of them made a net loss with FMCG manufacturers.

This highlights the importance of correct promotion execution in-store, the most efficient promotions (top 10%) making seven times the returns of the least efficient (bottom 10%).

In the UK, the proportion of trade promotions making a loss (58%) is only marginally better than the global average – but still worse than in Spain, Germany, Canada and Italy, and level with the figure in France.
In the US, the loss rate is even higher, at 71%.

This is the first time the returns on trade promotions have been quantified on such a substantial scale. The report highlights the improvement opportunities on the market.
Most FMCG players acknowledge the ineffectiveness of trade promotions, but until now, their efficacy has largely been a matter of guesswork. That’s no longer the case.

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