Fix your workflow and improve customer experience

19 October 2017

Before you start reading this post, I want you to think...

Are your stores really that compliant?

Every retailer understands the importance of providing customers with a good in-store experience. A big part of that is driven by how the store looks. Are the merchandising guidelines implemented properly? Has the light bulbs in the changing room been fixed? Does the store provide the same offers as their online store?

All too often stores are not compliant with guidelines. In fact, only 26% of retailers think they are good at in-store execution (1). Hold up. That’s 3 in 4 retailers who think their in-store execution isn’t good. One of the main reasons for this is a broken workflow.

A broken workflow – What is that?

When merchandising guidelines are implemented in stores, an email is sent out to the stores. Stores need to implement a new window and change the displays in-store. Some stores try to implement the guidelines but fail at doing it correctly. The jeans are where the shirts should be, colours are mixed up and the offers customers see online are not even on display in the store. What a mess!

Now. You also have a Regional Manager who needs to manage all the stores who ask for help, or stores that haven’t implemented correctly. All while trying to make sense of the +200 daily emails waiting in the inbox. How is that Regional Manager ever going to ensure that the stores are compliant with the guidelines within a given deadline?

There are 3 problems here:

  • Stores find it difficult to implement the guidelines with instructions from an email
  • Regional Managers are not able to quickly help stores properly implement guidelines
  • HQ has no idea what is going on in the field due to lack of data

All this leads to a broken workflow, which results in the improper implementation of guidelines. Ultimately, this will impact the customer experience and need I say it, drive potential revenue loss.

Now you know the problem – Let’s look at how it can be fixed

It’s quite simple really. Start using the right tools. With the right tools, you can ensure an efficient workflow that works every time. One way to do it is with the YOOBIC Operations app.

Let me show how easy it is in 4 steps:

1. Setup your guidelines, create a task in the app and send it to the stores

2.  Stores receive the task in the app, implement it and take a picture to complete the implementation

3.  Regional Managers receive all the store implementations in the app. With comments and pictures from the stores, it is easy to see whether the store is compliant or not and correct if it is non-compliant

4. HQ receive data from the field in real-time so they get a full overview of compliance and problem areas

It’s that easy. The entire workflow process in one application. From sending out instructions to implementing the guidelines and sharing pictures & comments. All while Regional Managers and HQ can monitor the whole thing from their mobile devices or desktops.

We at YOOBIC  are helping retailers fix their workflows and improve their compliance rate. If you are ready to do the same, let us know at