eBook: Want the Perfect Customer Experience in Every Store? Fix These 3 Things

03 May 2018

Customer experience

Think about the last time you bought something in a store and were really happy with the overall experience. What made it so great?

Was it that the store layout made it easy for you to find what you were looking for?

Or maybe how the sales associate went the extra mile to answer your questions and give you a recommendation?

Neither of these experiences are a happy accident.

Each one is backed up by dozens of behind-the-scenes processes and procedures that shoppers never hear anything about.

That's what makes a great in-store customer experience.

There's so much coverage on why having a perfect customer experience is so critical, and examples of retailers who have done this exceptionally well.

But we didn't think there were enough resources about how that perfect in-store customer experience goes from an idea to reality.

So, we decided to write our own. Because creating an exceptional customer experience is hard, but implementing it everywhere is even harder.

Every customer experience starts out as an idea. It's the procedures and guidelines stores receive from head office that make it real.

Unfortunately for many retailers, the great ideas they come up with get stuck somewhere between vision and reality stage. And 2018 is a really bad time for this to happen because there's no room for error.

Retailers can craft a customer experience that's perfect for their shoppers, but that experience never makes it to stores.

Head office can give stores a ton of information about how to implement that customer experience, but stores still don't have the resources to deliver.

Why is this happening when everyone knows experience is the most important thing a store can provide?

3 things repeatedly prevent stores from taking that brilliant idea and turning it into a shopping experience that makes people smile.

This eBook is about each of these 3 obstacles and will show you:

  • How they hurt customer experience
  • Signs they're happening in stores
  • Why they happen
  • How to fix them

This is the guide for you if you want to empower your stores to succeed.

Download the eBook below and let us know what you think! 

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